My take on the US Capitol Raid

Last night, I saw a video of a woman gunned down in the hallway of the Capitol building. It got me thinking about the series of events that led to such tragic ending.

Americans are known for their patriotism and their love for freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to carry arms. Believe it or not, America. The rest of the world believe in having the same freedom to think and express without serious consequences as well. So, you’re definitely not alone on this boat.

I genuinely believe that Donald J. Trump is a dangerous influence and should be impeached from presidential office immediately and tried with inciting violence. It’s unfathomable that a sitting US president would tell his supporters to march down to the Capitol building and demand the result of presidential election be amended to his favor.

What do you think would happen if you encourage a bunch of middle-aged white men that are hyped on a genuine yet twisted belief that their president lost the election due to alleged “election fraud”?

I’m not an American, so you might ask why I bother worrying about other countries’ state of affair. Well, I believe it will have serious ripple effect with detrimental consequences if United States of America’s constitution and its democratic values are undermined by lawless thugs. We as outsiders should not sit on the sideline and laugh as the epitome of democracy is threatened.

Trump is the definition of a sore loser and should be recognized as such by everyone. Republicans should be ashamed of their continuous support for this maniacal lunatic while he dragged the democratic vales that US is so famous for and tainted it with his dangerous and conspirative ideology. Trump does not stand for either conservative or liberal values, he stands for his own personal and selfish goal.

Crowd of Trump supporters marching on the US Capitol on 6 January 2021

America is what it is today due to its decades long effort to advocate for freedom everywhere in the world and advance the democratic ideology of the masses. Yes, it’s undeniable that there have been some costly mistakes made by earlier presidents such as the Iraqi invasion and the war on drugs in South America. However, nothing comes close to the level of incompetence Trump displayed during his four grueling years as a president and there are many evidence of that for those that disagree.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

– Stan Lee

We all grew up learning that motto and it stands true to this day. Trump on the other hand does not believe in taking responsibility for anything in his lifetime. He refused to take responsibility for the slow and incompetent response when Covid-19 hit the coast of America and now he won’t take responsibility of the chaos he unleashed upon the Capitol building by his QAnon thugs who acted with his blessing.

As the tragic and horrifying event unfold right in front of millions of Americans and international observers, we need to keep in mind we really is responsible for the damage that’s caused to the American values and hold the culprits accountable regardless of their rank and influence.

Remember! America first, not Trump nor any Republican officials that tapped into the violent nature of their “misinformed” followers.

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