The flower kids of Myanmar

Most kids who do this kind of job come from a very poor family which requires everyone in the family to work, just to make enough money to buy food and supplies for a day.

Time for young people in the high office

It’s about taking the power to make decisions for our future into our own hands and it’s essential to have more young people involved in political and economic decisions of the country.

Sorry, “my body, my choice” doesn’t apply to Covid Vaccination.

The year is 2021. We’re facing a new battle, the one that involves the spread of wrongful information regarding vaccination, particularly Covid-19 vaccination. The task of sifting through a sea of information for the useful signal that is easily assessable yet mixed up among misinformation on the internet is a monumental undertaking to say the…

My take on the US Capitol Raid

Last night, I saw a video of a woman gunned down in the hallway of the Capitol building. It got me thinking about the series of events that led to such tragic ending.

Embracing confusion

Decision making and confusion go hand in hand. One cannot be accomplished successfully without first addressing the other.

Sex education and censorship in Myanmar

Traditional and religious beliefs should never get in the way of learning about the skills that are required to navigate human relationships and manage one’s own sexual health.

The danger of mass media

It’s more crucial than ever before to equip ourselves with some sort of mental tool that would help us filter out the signal from the noise.

Being open-minded to the opposition

It’s a well-known fact that we as humans can’t agree on very simple and trivial things such as whether to leave the toilet seat up or down, let alone other bigger things like how to go about solving world poverty or other significant issues.


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